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Friday, October 31, 2003

this just in (yawn)

In an official ceremony this morning, President Bush and Ariel Sharon declared the Geneva Convention null and void. As the treaty on treating prisoners of war was burnt the President declared that he was “smoking them out.” It’s now OK to tie prisoners’ hands behind their backs, place bags on their heads and leave them in a cold cell for as long as is ‘deemed necessary.’ “After all,” said good-buddy Sharon “It’s always worked with dealing with The Palestinians.” In a further development, Gorgonzola Rice declared that images of these captured terrorists would be broadcasted to subdued and confused civilian populations: “We are, after all, the victors.” In a video tie-in with long suffering, trigger-happy and frequently murdered US troops in Iraq a commander said that they were ‘sleeping somewhat sounder’ now the images were being freely broadcasted around the world. “After all, we won. Didn’t we?” To which Sharon quipped “That’s what we always say about the six day war!”

jargon jive

HEK: Hungarian Encryption Key. The use of a non-standard European language to convey political commentary from a ‘limited democracy’ (see ‘technocrat dictatorship’ and ‘media desert monoculture’). “Did you see the Double’s posting on the National Day Parade? --Such wry insights!” “Sorry, she was using an HEK and all I got was Swahili!”

today’s video

I believe in a thing called love The Darkness. Fans of ‘spinal tap’—we know who you are—should look at this. Kind of uplifting but soon to be tiring, we fear. That thumbs up gesture is the final kiss-off.

Arcite is not a Mediacorp artiste

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Thursday, October 30, 2003

The Film Board has just voted Woody Allen's 1997 film Deconstructing Harry the biggest load of twaddle ever filmed by a middle-aged jerk.

jargon jive

Phone limbo: where you go to when you are put on hold.

Lexington 125: where you are when you're waiting for a phone call. (From the Velvet Underground song 'Waiting for the Man.' ("He's never early, he's always late/One thing you learn is you always got to wait" & "Up to Lexington 125/feel sick and dirty more dead than alive.")

bullshit forecast

Outbreaks of uses of the word 'transparancy' and 'transparent' are on the rise. "I think our admittance policy should be as 'transparent' as possible." "The government is striving to ensure that all departments such as Manpower achieve maximum transparancy." Often used when the words 'fair', 'honest' and even 'legal' stick in the speaker's throat.

We notice that yesterday's blog was brought to you by Google. The advert read "This blank space brought to you by Google." Thank you, Google. Perhaps the Ministry of Education here could start advertising on students' foreheads: "This blank space brought to you by the Ministry of Education." This could be applied to the whole media desert here: Why not run ads on Asia1: "This blank space brought to you by the PAP."

And now this.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Welcome to my middle ages...
Video: REM's It's been a bad day. Tell me about it. Over to you, dave...thanks, A.
BBC report on the end of the moratorium in NZ and see what Ex-Thompson Twins get up to in Enzone. Moratorium sounds like a good name for a blog.
It's all happening in science today, dave, as a row breaks out over those hydrothermal vents. Wow, Geology's a happening scene right now along with apocalpse studies.
We'll be back right after the break.

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Monday, October 27, 2003

the view is ok!

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