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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the nature of monkey was...irrepressible!

The last day before we start school--we're all meeting with the local iwi for team building exercises tomorrow.

I've been watching the Monkey series on DVD and basically I've been relaxing, writing, spending time with the kids, planning a bit for school (we're doing 'the developing world' for social studies with a focus on aid, fair trade, globalisation and then I'm moving into 'human rights' with a focus on Tibet.)

Yes, I am happy with my choices. That sounds very Dr. Phil, I know, but I have had a number of choices I've had to make. You have to hang in there. You have to have a little faith--even if it's just in the best aspects of yourself.

Music ways I've gone totally funk and soul with a heavy nod back to my Mod mania of '79-80. All music compilations have had to be redone to suit this current fascination.

Like, ever heard 'Bert's Apple Crumble'?

I can't resist it! Though I have enjoyed our kid's prezzie of the re-issue of Echo and the Bunnies Crocodiles which I was made on when I was 19. Sounds a bit like Suede now with stronger vocals!

Love on ya

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Best of the Year

Best Novel: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. Cory Doctorow.
Best Film: Sideways.
Best CD: Chutes too Narrow. The Shins.
Best TV: Campbell Live (NZ), Desperate Housewives.
Media Whores: Britney Spears, Brad Pit, etc
Best Live Performance: The Cherry Orchard (Circa Theatre, Wellington).

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